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My name is Cameron and I am a Clinical Counsellor. If you have never tried counselling before or have tried it but never were able to gain anything from it, you are not alone – I have supported many others in similar situations. Talking about emotions and feelings can seem foreign, strange, weird, and uncomfortable. I know this because I have helped many others, particularly men, when starting counselling for the first time. Men are often told to be ‘hard,’ ‘tough,’ and ‘strong,’ which doesn’t tend to equate to talking about how you’re feeling.

If you relate to any of the above or if you’re feeling stuck in some of the patterns in your life and desire to try something different, I can support you. Previous clients have told me that I provide a safe, comfortable, and warm environment where they feel able to be themselves while becoming more self-aware and changing towards valued ways of being.

One of my primary goals as a counsellor is to be as genuine and authentic as a person before a therapist so that you feel at ease. I find that often times the psychology world can provide seemingly quick solutions to complex problems, which can often undermine your subjective experiences of the concerns which brought you to counselling. I do my best to take as much time as needed to ensure I understand exactly what your experience is and how it is different from others’, rather than fit you into pre-established psychological boxes or frameworks. Once you feel completely understood and we have a thorough understanding of the core issues to be worked with, then we begin to develop plans for change.

"This is the definition of bravery: not being afraid of yourself" - Chögyam Trungpa

I provide Individual Clinical Counselling to adults with anxiety, depression, self-esteem concerns, understanding emotions, trauma, unregulated anger, struggling with life transitions, introversion, and highly sensitive persons (HSP). I also have a particular focus/specialization in supporting adult men with issues related to male identity, understanding and communicating emotions, and relationship struggles.  I have supported individuals in counselling in many different contexts and thus bring a wealth of varied experience and knowledge when working with the above mentioned concerns.

I facilitate the expression of emotional experiences between adult partners, with a focus on attachment, to foster deeper connections in couples counselling. Partnerships, whether romantic or friendly, are integral to our functioning in life. Humans are social beings and our brains are literally wired to ensure connection and relationships with others no matter what the cost – feeling isolated, lonely, and/or rejected is as threatening to us as is the threat of death or physical starvation. Thus, supporting partners in improving their communication, emotionally attuning to one another, and developing trust and respect for one another is a scary and vulnerable yet extremely rewarding endeavour for any couple to undertake.

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